What is the Stay Focused Blog?

Welcome everyone! This is the official introduction article to the Stay Focused: Travel blog. Here you will find what to expect from Stay Focused Blog, and a little about the author, Damon McGuire.

My objectives with the Stay Focused blog in general is to take certain topics and share my experiences with them. Some segments like “Travel” will be recurring, while others may be one offs or limited, potential segments include language learning, conservation, learning to use a camera, or even more personal subjects. I plan to have a new post each month for you to follow along with, so make sure to add me to your RSS feeds!

My previous time traveling and studying abroad, alongside my experiences with ADHD will give a unique outlook, and I look forward to helping you navigate some of the hazards that come up in your adventures, and sharing successes as we move through the world and try to have the best adventures we can!

Some of these posts may be sponsored by a business, and they will be noted at the beginning, but my promise to you, my readers, is to be honest.

Most importantly, I want to hear from you! Comments are encouraged, and I will work to respond to any questions that may arise! This is a conversation between us, I want to hear requests, suggestions, I want to hear your stories!

So let’s go on this adventure, and get to know each other along the way!